CloudForest would like to understand more about how investing in forestry would help you achieve your investment goals and your aspirations for the future.
Your answers to this survey you will help us build a great company that works for you.
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How important are the following characteristics in your investments?

Please score the importance of each of the following, leaving blank those that which have no importance.
Provide me with an income

Grow in value

Minimise the tax I am paying on my investments

Have a low risk of losing money

Have high liquidity - easy to take my cash out if I need to

Over what time-frame are you currently investing?

How experienced are you as an investor?

If you could improve three things about investing, what would they be?

Choose three

Have you ever invested in or considered investing in forestry? *

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What drew you to investing in forestry?

What are your impressions about forestry as an investment?

What benefits might motivate you to invest in forestry?

Please rate the importance of each of the following, leaving blank those that would not be a factor in your decision to invest.
Income from investment - I would want to invest in a mature forest which was able to provide an income within 10 years as trees are harvested

Growth in investment  - I would want to invest in a new forest that will increase in value as the trees grow

Ability to enjoy the amenity value of the forest through cabins, wildlife, and other recreational opportunities

Environment stewardship of forests

Access to forestry products such as timber

Tax advantages (current relief includes: Income Tax free revenue, Inheritance Tax relief, and Capital Gains Tax Exemption on the increase in timber value)

Hands-on involvement in managing the forest

Please enter any other potential benefit that might motivate you to invest in forestry.

Which of the below options would be most attractive to you?

Investing in a portfolio of different projects lowers the risk of the investment.

Who would you be happy to have as co-investors for a forestry project?

By teaming up with other investors it is possible to take advantage of efficiencies of scale, creating larger, more robust forests.
Choose all of the options you would be happy with.

Where would you be happy for your forest to be located?

Choose all of the options you would be happy with.

Which of the following most accurately reflects how you would want this forestry project to be managed?

The UK Forestry Standard sets a baseline for sustainable forest management. Over and above this there are different approaches that can be used to benefit biodiversity, soil and water quality.

Is there a rate of return over a 10 year period that a forestry investment project would have to meet in order to attract your interest? *

What percentage annual rate of return would that be?

If a crowdfunded forestry project was available today that matched your investment goals, and other criteria, how much do you think you might invest?

Are there any other factors that would influence your decision on how much to invest?

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